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The Saw 3D poster is a blatant rip off


Yesterday, I showed you the new poster for Saw 3D and its motion-infused counterpart. Clearly the emphasis is on the 3D nature of the new film, though I don’t find the eye particularly intriguing compared to past posters from the series. It looks more cartoonish than actually disturbing.

But I was just sent something rather interesting. The folks at MovieWallpapers.net noticed that the SAW poster bears an uncanny resemblance to a Playstation 3 magazine ad from a while back. As you can see below, it’s pretty much the exact same goddamn thing, to the point enough where I thought this was actually worth a post. I mean, sure the eye is a different color, and there are different things protruding out of it, but I have a hard time buying that this was a complete coincidence, and the artists never saw this ad before making the poster.

I know I’ve said in the past that movie poster design is getting lazier and lazier, but if this actually is stolen, it’s a new level entirely. I mean this isn’t even like “drawing inspiration from,” it’s the same damn thing.

What do you guys think? Click below to see each image bigger over at MovieWallpapers.

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Extra Tidbit: It sucks too, because SAW usually has some pretty great posters. This one is one of my favorite horror posters ever.
Source: MovieWallpapers



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