This new photo of Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren from The Girl is fantastic

If the goal of director Sasha Gervasi's film about the relationship between Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren is mimicking the Hollywood stars then it is already a great success.

THE GIRL will follow Hitch (Toby Jones) and Hedren's (Sienna Miller) tumultuous working relationship through his classic films THE BIRDS and MARNIE. While there are two Hitchcock films currently in production, it appears that THE GIRL is being produced for the BBC and may not see a theatrical release.

Hitchcock had a notorious obsession with Hedren (and blonde women in general). There are several stories regarding his behavior with Hedren that border on stalking. He controlled anyone who wanted to cast her in films aside from his own and put her through torturous behavior on his productions to the point that Hedren sought medical help. Even last year in an interview, Hedren claimed that by spurning his sexual advances that Hitchcock attempted to ruin her career.

While we can still admire Hitchcock for the amazing films he bestowed on the world, the dude sounded like a complete douche. I am very intrigued to compare THE GIRL as well as HITCHCOCK (starring Anthony Hopkins as the director).

Extra Tidbit: The last time Toby Jones starred as a famous figure from recent history with a dueling film being released at the same time it was as Truman Capote in INFAMOUS. The other was CAPOTE for which Phillip Seymour Hoffman won the Best Actor Oscar.
Source: Grazia Daily



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