Uma off to Paris

Uma Thurman has signed on to star in ELOISE IN PARIS, the upcoming adaptation of the popular children's book series. This would be a significant hottie upgrade from Eloise's last nanny, Julie Andrews in ELOISE AT CHRISTMASTIME. (No disrespect mean to Ms. Andrews who was actually quite boneable in MARY POPPINGS. Wow. I've reached a new low...) The Nanny part was written specifically with Thurman in mind who producers hope will continue the role through a series of sequels (ELOISE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD is already in development). Charles Shyer (FATHER OF THE BRIDE, ALFIE) will direct the movie from a script he co-wrote with his daughter Hallie (one time smooch buddy of Keanu Reeves). Shyer is currently hard at work casting the precocious child actor capable of filling Eloise's shoes. How about Daniel Day-Lewis? Let's see how good an actor he really is... Filming on ELOISE is expected to begin this June in London, Paris and New York. Thurman can be seen next in THE ACCIDENTAL HUSBAND.

Extra Tidbit: Hallie's mom is writer/director Nancy Meyers (WHAT WOMEN WANT, THE HOLIDAY).
Source: Variety



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