Vinnie Jones is a spy

Don't mess with Vinnie, Mate!

If there's one guy who deserves much meatier roles that he's been getting, it's the collossal Vinnie Jones whose charisma on screen is almost as large as his shoulders. Though he DID get some juicy parts in cult movies like SNATCH and LOCK, STOCK..., he pretty much got his career stuck in typecasting hell. The solution: TV, apparently.

The big guy is making his way on TV twice, first to guest star this fall on NBC's CHUCK as a big-hearted hitman, and then on to his own series as a Bond-type international spy. The new untitled show being developed  independently of networks influence is based on an upcoming comic book by Howard Chaykin where the hero teams up with his long-lost daughter on covert missions. The plan is for an initial 22-episode order.

"I never really thought of TV before as a medium for me," said the man while probably squishing some poor bastard's head with a car door. "However, with it becoming such a source of creativity these days, and this project with its modern James Bond style and feeling to it, I couldn't resist." If Vinnie's happy I'm happy, so count me in!

Extra Tidbit: "I'm driving down the road with your head stuck in my window. What does it look like I'm doin'?" Bullet Tooth Tony's da man!



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