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Last Updated on August 2, 2021

PLOT: After Marnie Watson (Famke Janssen) kills her abusive husband in self-defense, she is condemned to house arrest… only to discover that the house is possessed by the enraged and violent spirit of her dead husband.

REVIEW:  “Til death do us part’… what a crock of shit!”

100 Feet is a great way to cap off a month of memorable and fun horror flicks. Coming from the great and twisted mind Eric Red (who serves as writer AND director here), this flick arrives with a really awesome concept, a revenge on top of revenge ghost story that’s super well written. And of course, our very own John Fallon AKA the Arrow has a role here!

First of all, I want to give out some hefty props to Famke Janssen. She’s a classic beauty, which should surprise nobody- but she’s got some heavy weight to lift on her shoulders in this flick and does it very well. She really has to be all over the emotional spectrum in this film and does it very well. There are a few tonal shifts she handles in stride, and Famke even gets physical with a few stunts. If you doubted it before, doubt no longer- Famke’s a bona fide badass. This is a real one-woman show, and it’s carried out well.

I really loved the way the house looked as well; this old horror home looked like it was straight out of a classic Giallo flick and just exudes character. Beautifully and atmospherically lit, this was a great location to house the film. As for the baddie, more kudos go out to Michael Pare, who turns in another memorable performance as Marnie’s evil-ex, which must have been tough because the guy’s almost completely silent throughout the film. The only issue here is that the effects leave a bit to be desired. I really dug this flick and was able to get past it a lot of the time, but know that Mike’s main form is a little cheesy, though it gets a bit better as it goes along. The dude is definitely scary though; he’s just a bit doused by technical limitations.

Despite the effects being a bit off as it relates to the ghost character, many of the others are hits. 100 Feet opts for a ramp-up approach, as things begin small (hearing footsteps, bloody prints, spontaneous candle combustion, etc.) and get progressively worse as the physical beatings continue. Though it’s far from a gorefest, there’s some red meat present and the practical effects are done well.

Bobby Cannavale also has a role in this film, as he plays the Detective who harbors resentment towards Marnie for taking out a fellow officer, but cannot seem to explain the awful things that are happening to her. His obsessive nature made for a good showing. Ed Westwick plays Joey, a slight neighborhood love who runs errands for her such as getting books from the library and groceries from the supermarket, and let me tell you- that poor kid gets it bad.

Things move along at quite a brisk pace in 100 Feet, and Eric Red is a master of building suspense until you’re sure you about to get a heavy dose of scare, which may or may not occur. This is definitely a film that’ll raise the hair on the back of your neck. I wasn’t huge on the ending as I felt it slowed a bit of the momentum that had been built up, but I’ll leave it at that. Didn’t really affect my enjoyment of the proceedings.

Looking for a solid twist on the old ghost story? Look no further than 100 Feet. Sure, some of the effects are spotty and if you’re really grinding your brain you might find a few convenient plot holes, but there are some great performances, decent gore and plenty of good scares to be had here. Take the plunge!

BEST TNA SCENE: I’m afraid Famke doesn’t show anyone her Janssens. There’s a sex scene, but it stays PG. Boo.

BEST GORE BIT: A certain someone gets their face beaten in, their teeth smashed, their jaw ripped apart. Their arms get cracked viciously, and then that person’s neck gets broken. Brutal!


Have a sip when:
-Someone drops an F-Bomb
-Marnie mentions her anklet

Grab yourself 2 drinks when:
-You see a not-so-hot special effect
-Famke hits a physical stunt

Finish your drink when:
-You see any sort of blood
-You catch a glimpse of John Fallon (AKA The Arrow!)




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