2016 is saved! Netflix renews Fuller House for a third season!

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Oh shit! It looks like Christmas isn't quite over yet! There's still at least one more gift left unwrapped by us, and…*rip, wrapping paper crinkle* Oh my God! Another season of FULLER HOUSE! Yay!

While I've never seen an episode of either FULL HOUSE or FULLER HOUSE, obviously somebody has, and honestly I'm happy for them. Life is an existential fog we wade through, mostly alone, and whatever comforts people can find within this chaotic malaise, more power to them. I just wish they had better taste.

Meanwhile, here's a featurette about New Kid's on the Block guest-starring on FULLER HOUSE, since both are about as culturally relevant:

No release date for the third season yet, but you better believe we'll keep you posted. Either way, hope you had a happy holiday, and stay safe this New Year's! 

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