Arielle Kebbel is Angelina Jolie’s replacement in the Bone Collector TV show

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Arielle Kebbel Midnight Texas

Forensic criminologist Lincoln Rhyme is the lead character in a series of bookes written by Jeffery Deaver, and twenty years ago he was played by Denzel Washington in the film THE BONE COLLECTOR. Now Rhyme is coming to television, as there's a pilot based on Deaver's novels in the works at NBC, and this time around he's going to be played by Russell Hornsby.

We learned about Hornsby's casting last week, and now NBC has revealed that they have cast another very important character in the pilot, which is titled Lincoln.

In almost every Lincoln Rhyme novel, he works with an NYPD police officer named Amelia Sachs. In movie version of THE BONE COLLECTOR, that character was renamed Amelia Donaghy and played by Angelina Jolie. Amelia Sachs is in the NBC pilot (yes, she gets to keep her last name this time), and the actress stepping into the shoes once filled by Jolie is Arielle Kebbel.

Genre fans may know Kebbel from REEKER, THE GRUDGE 2, THE UNINVITED, VAMPIRES SUCK, The Vampire Diaries, and/or the recently cancelled NBC series Midnight, Texas (pictured above).

The character of Lincoln Rhyme was 

seriously injured during his hunt for the diabolic serial killer known as the Bone Collector. Called back into action when the killer re-emerges, Lincoln forms a unique partnership with Amelia Sachs, a young beat cop who helps him hunt the deadly mastermind while also taking on the most high-profile cases in the NYPD.

This morning, we learned that Michael Imperiolo is also in the Lincoln cast, taking on the role of Rick Sellitto, an NYPD detective and Lincoln's partner. 

VJ Boyd and Mark Bianculli have written the Lincoln pilot and are executive producing alongside Avi Nir, Alon Shtruzman, Peter Traugott, and Rachel Kaplan.

Source: Deadline

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