Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F – Interviews with Kevin Bacon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jerry Bruckheimer, Judge Reinhold and more!

We interview the legendary cast of Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, including Kevin Bacon, Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Joseph Gordon Levitt and more!

A few weeks ago, something absolutely incredible happened. On behalf of, I was invited to attend the world premiere of Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F in Beverly Hills! While there, I got to interview the entire cast, including Eddie Murphy. To give this a little context, I was born in ’81, and I grew up idolizing Murphy and watching all of the Beverly Hills Cop movies over and over. And yes, I said ALL  – even 3. So, being invited to the glamourous premiere was pretty heady stuff. Heck, when I was there, I even got to meet another childhood hero of mine, Bronson Pinchot, from Perfect Strangers (if you’re an eighties kid, you’ll understand). 

I’ve already posted my Eddie Murphy interview (check it out here), but today, I’m getting to post a lot more. In the video above, you can see me interviewing the whole cast, but here are my thoughts on each of them.

Jerry Bruckheimer: When meeting this mega-producer, I told him that his films are largely responsible for what I do today, and that’s a fact. Beverly Hills Cop, Flashdance, The Rock, Top Gun, Con Air, and so many others gave me an insane amount of joy while I was coming of age, and it was amazing to meet him.

Kevin Bacon: Another legend, Bacon is known for being down to earth. Indeed, when I met him, he shook my hand and said, “Hi, I’m Kevin,” which, naturally, led to me geeking out a little bit as he’s another guy I grew up watching. Funny story: In between interviews, I heard him talking with one of his assistants about how excited he was to see Kyle McLachlan at the premiere. I guess even movie stars get star-struck. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: A massive star in his own right, Levitt got a kick out of how excited I was to be at the junket. In our chat, he told me he could relate, as we’re the same age and, like me, he grew up watching these films.

Mark Molloy: The director of Beverly Hills Cop, Axel F, grew up watching these movies like me, and he spoke to me about how he wanted to pay homage to Martin Brest, Tony Scott, and composer Harold Faltermeyer with his legacy sequel.

Judge Reinhold and John Ashton: These were the most touching interviews of all. Both men seemed so delighted to be back in the sequels, and their pretty large roles set up future entries into the series. Having loved the latest movie, I hope it happens.

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Bronson Pinchot
Our EIC and Serge himself, Bronson Pinchot!

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