Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley: Eddie Murphy talks feeling his age when getting back into action

Axel Foley will be older, but will he be as spry in the new sequel? Eddie Murphy joked how he felt like Morgan Freeman filming the upcoming movie.

Last Updated on December 15, 2023

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Eddie Murphy’s Candy Cane Lane is scoring high watch numbers for Prime Video. The new Christmas movie is something Murphy says hopes to be a new viewing tradition for audiences every holiday season. The review from our own Alex Maidy states that the movie is charming enough, saying, “Overall, Candy Cane Lane has its heart in the right place but tries to spread the story over too many subplots, which packs this overlong running time with too much to keep the attention of younger viewers and not enough consistency to engage with adults. This movie is far from tedious, but it could have been tighter and more focused on laughs.”

Murphy recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new movie. It was inevitable that he would be talking about his upcoming legacy sequel, Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley. Kimmel complimented Murphy on aging really well, but inquired if he started to feel too old to perform as Axel in the new film. Murphy humorously recalled, “When I was on the set, we kept having that experience. There was a scene where they wanted me to run down these steps; it was outside, these cement steps. After I did it, the director said, ‘Can you come down faster with more of a sense of urgency?’ And I was like, ‘No, I can’t!’ I had to tell everybody, ‘Listen, I know I still look like Axel Foley but don’t ask me to do nothin’ you won’t ask Morgan Freeman to do.'”

Later in the interview, attention was turned back to Candy Cane Lane and Kimmel asked Murphy how he celebrates the holidays. Murphy, being a movie fan, spoke of the movies he traditionally watches for Christmas every year. Kimmel asked which ones were his favorites and Murphy said, “Growing up, we used to watch It’s a Wonderful Life every year. We used to watch Rudolph…We’d watch the Grinch every year. Now, I love to watch Jim Carrey’s Grinch every year. I watch that all the time. And I love Elf. I love Elf.”

Kimmel would later bring up Spotify, to which Murphy (who is self-professed about knowing very little about modern apps) asked him what it was. However, Murphy does partake in watching YouTube videos a lot and revealed what he’s been viewing recently, “Last week, I’ve been watching The Beatles’ Now and Then music video over and over and over and over.”

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