Brand New Archer Season 11 Trailer

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Before there was Bob, there was Archer! Yes H. Jon Benjamin may have only one voice for his animated characters, but it's a great one! And you can now experience that voice within the brand new trailer for the 11th season of Mr. Benjamin's animated spy parody ARCHER! Just click the link above!

The premise for ARCHER Season 11 goes like this: According to the producers, this season will return to its spy agency roots after Sterling Archer wakes up from his three-year coma. Archer will be back at the New York agency, but the personalities and situation of the office will be different.

So there you have it! This show has always been spot on with self-referential humor and that premise sounds like another round of fun! Season 11 premiers September 16, 2020 at 10pm on FXX. That's right! Not just FX, but FXX! The extra X is for… oh, hell, I don't know. But it sounds cool!


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