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Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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This edition of Cast This was recommended by a reader who clearly wanted me to explain my search history to my wife, mission accomplished, sir. So it's with great enthusiasm that I ask you all for help in casting one of the most recognized TV characters of all time, C.J. Parker!

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Wendy Peffercorn, eat your heart out.

C.J. was portrayed by Pamela Anderson for five seasons on the hit TV show Baywatch. The reason of course for this casting dilemma is that we have a new BAYWATCH movie on the way. The new film, based on the 90s TV show, was announced last year and already has Dwayne Johnson confirmed as producing and starring; also starring is a shirtless Zac Efron.

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C.J., if you remember from the show, had a New Age way of thinking – including an interest in crystals, meditation, and dream interpretation. She can also run really well on sand; you ever try that? It is tough let me tell you. And while we still have no idea who will play C.J. we can have all the fun we want dreaming of an actress to fill the role.

pamela anderson baywatch

One of the names being thrown around a lot would be English model, actress and television presenter Kelly Brook. You might also recall 'their' fantastic performance in PIRANHA 3D. She has an almost identical body to a young Pamela Anderson and would most certainly look incredible in a bikini on the beach. Her filmography is definitely scattered and as questionable as her acting ability, but is this movie looking for anything more than a body for the poster? Time will tell. In the meantime if the 36-year-old Brook wants this role, she may have to dye her famous brunette hair to blonde before the audition.

Someone who might be able to bring edgy, raunchy and funny to the movie might be everyone’s favorite Sports Illustrated cover girl, Kate Upton. We know the model and sometimes actress (THE OTHER WOMAN, THE THREE STOOGES) can run down the beach so, why the hell not?

Upton would be my top choice actually; she’s got the looks and actually has good comedic timing if you managed to watch those mentioned movies. With the right script and cast, she would be a solid addition. Lastly, and maybe more obvious than the others, I would suggest Christina Hendricks. We've seen the famous redhead go blonde for TV commericals, and we know she can lead a powerful performance (Mad Men), so what might hold her back? Well, if you know how movie suits work, if they’re planning for a franchise (almost certainly) then maybe 40-year-old Hendricks wouldn't work for them. Cast This isn't always about being realistic, but I’m putting it out there because I’m sure some of the comments below will be thinking about age as well.

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So, ladies and gentlemen, what are your thoughts? Maybe you would want to rock the boat as it were and cast Rosario Dawson for C.J.? Maybe we want to go young and hot with Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars, SPRING BREAK). It’s a role that will more than likely divide fans of the show or fans of shameless entertainment anyway, so take your best shot.

Who would you like to see in the role?

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