Castle Falls Interview: We talk to Dolph Lundgren about his new film, Rocky IV, and more

There are few names that are as associated with action films and the 1980s as Dolph Lundgren. From Rocky IV to Masters of the Universe, Showdown in Little Tokyo to Universal Soldier, Dolph Lundgren is a name every action fan knows how to spell. Almost forty years after his debut as a KGB henchman in A View To A Kill, Lundgren is still going strong on-screen. His latest project, Castle Falls, is not only a starring vehicle for Lundgren alongside Scott Adkins but also his first directorial effort in almost a decade.

In advance of the premiere of Castle Falls, I got the chance to talk with Dolph Lundgren about his career and the challenges in making this film during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also talked about working with Scott Adkins and whether directing action is harder than performing the sequences. We also discussed the newly released director’s cut of Rocky IV and what his thoughts are on Sylvester Stallone’s new edition of the classic film. His answer may surprise you.

Castle Falls premieres in theaters and VOD on December 3rd.


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