Colman Domingo plays coy about Kang casting rumors; does not deny it

Colman Domingo is a big favorite to replace Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror at Marvel. However, he professes he does not know if he’s sign on or not.

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Marvel Studios has a lot of course-correcting ahead of it. The company is recovering from a year of flops, and with the exception of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Loki Season 2, even their loyal fans have not received the rest of their projects well in the past year or so. Disney CEO Bob Iger has addressed that the studio has previously concentrated more on quantity instead of quality and has vowed to pull back on the amount of project output so the movies and TV shows do not suffer. He has recently even admitted that Disney has secretly “killed a few projects already that we just didn’t feel were strong enough.”

Another big looming shadow on the company is the controversial case of the once rising star, Jonathan Majors. Majors was let go from Marvel as Kang when he was found guilty in his assault case and many were waiting to see how Marvel would proceed. A popular rumor being whispered in many ears is the notion of Academy Award hopeful Colman Domingo getting cast in the role as the Conqueror. Vanity Fair recently sat with Domingo (via World of Reel) and one of the topics the covered was his involvement with the Kang recasting. Domingo would not deny the rumors, but would interestingly play dumb on whether or not he knows if he’s signed on to play the MCU villain.

Colman would play coy on the topic, saying,

Do I know this to be true or not? I actually don’t know. I feel like my team doesn’t bring me something unless it’s real. So I don’t know. I could be in conversation, but I’m not sure. I would welcome a conversation around it.”

He also added, “There’s hearsay, there’s conversations, but I’m not even sure because I feel like nothing comes to me until something’s real. But I’d be down with it […] I can’t tell if it’s true or not.” Colman’s schedule is already filling up with many projects as the industry takes notice of his performances. He’s been announced to be cast in a couple of new musical biopics — one as Nat King Cole, which he will also direct, “I’ve been working on it quietly for a few years. It’s something I’m looking forward to putting together with some great partners.” And the other big project will be his portrayal of the infamous father of Michael Jackson, Joe Jackson, in Antoine Fuqua’s Michael. Should Domingo sign with Marvel, he will also be looking at something like a four-year commitment to various projects with the character.

Source: World of Reel, Vanity Fair

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