Trailer: Colman Domingo leads uplifting drama Sing Sing

A24 has released the trailer for Sing Sing, the Colman Domingo-starring film about a real-life theater troupe in the namesake prison.

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

The trailer for uplifting drama Sing Sing has arrived ahead of its July theatrical release.

“To die. To sleep. To dream.” In the trailer for the movie, we see Colman Domingo’s character, who is facing 25 years to life at the infamous New York prison, heavily involved with the small theater within the walls, giving hope to those who take part in its productions.

Here is the official plot for the film, as per A24: “A theater troupe finds escape from the realities of incarceration through the creativity of putting on a play in this film based on a real-life rehabilitation program and featuring a cast that includes formerly incarcerated actors.”

Leading the cast is Colman Domingo, who had one heck of a 2023, earning Oscar, Golden Globe and SAG nominations for his tremendous performance in Rustin, as well as lending his voice to DreamWorks’ Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken, turning up in the latest Transformers movie, and playing a crucial role in The Color Purple. Sing Sing premiered at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival. He is also attached to a Nat King Cole biopic.

The supporting cast looks filled with some serious talent as well, notably Sound of Metal’s Paul Raci and Clarence Maclin, who actually went through the Sing Sing’s Rehabilitation Through the Arts program and has earned praise for playing himself. In fact, a good portion of the cast is made up of men who went through the same program. On this and working so closely with Maclin, Domingo previously said it was “the most open and raw that I’ve ever been. You can’t lie. You can’t lie with these guys…I did not think it was important to know about why [Maclin] was ever incarcerated. I wanted to be present with the person that he is today, knowing that the RTA program, what they strive to do, is true rehabilitation.”

Such a story may seem sappy on the surface, but with Oscar-nominated prestige and a dedication to the roots of the story, the movie — which holds a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes as of publication — may get around that.

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Sing Sing

Source: A24

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