David Lynch interrogates a talking monkey in bizarre new Netflix short film

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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Okay, wow. I'm just now getting back to my regular work schedule after vacationing in Florida for five days, and the first thing I encounter is TWIN PEAKS mastermind David Lynch interrogating a monkey as part of a Netflix short film. How is your day going?

Today on his 74th birthday, Lynch and Netflix have unveiled WHAT DID JACK DO?, a black and white short directed by, written by, and starring David Lynch. In the 17-minute short, Lynch plays a homicide detective whose job it is to question the motives and actions of "a tormented monkey." According to The Playlist writer Kevin Jagernauth, this bizarre slice of cinema premiered in Paris back in 2017, as a part of the Festival of Disruption in New York City.

As the excruciatingly-paced short plays on, we discover that Lynch's character suspects that the monkey is guilty of murder, in addition to being the type of creature that hangs around with chickens. In true Lynchian fashion, the short is beyond strange, and asks much of the viewer with regard to deciphering the mystery of it all.

Now that WHAT DID JACK DO? has been released on Netflix, subscribers of the streamer are wondering if more Lynch-related releases are set to be hosted on the service. For the moment, Lynch's BLUE VELVET is the only other film of his that's currently on the platform, though perhaps an exclusive deal to showcase more of the director's work is forthcoming?

Anyway, you can add a bit of weird to your Monday by watching WHAT DID JACK DO? on Netflix right now.

Source: Netflix

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