Deadpool 3: Morena Baccarin says film reinvents Vanessa and Wade’s relationship

Morena Baccarin reprises the role of Vanessa in Deadpool 3 and says the film reinvents her relationship with Deadpool / Wade Wilson

Deadpool 2 started off by making the mistake of killing Deadpool / Wade Wilson’s girlfriend Vanessa, played by Morena Baccarin – then it, thankfully, used time travel shenanigans to erase that mistake by the end of the film. So Baccarin is reprising the role for the upcoming sequel Deadpool 3, which is still in production. While speaking to Screen Rant, Baccarin revealed that her work on Deadpool 3 is finished… and that the film keeps things fresh by reinventing Wade and Vanessa’s relationship.

Baccarin said, “I think it’s really cool that they are such well-met characters and that their lives… You can see them in and out of each other’s lives constantly. The comic, it’s the same way. So I think that the franchise and Ryan and the director, they’ve done a really great job of always reinventing that relationship and making it interesting, but maintaining the core thing that keeps them always coming back to each other. So I think there’s a little bit more of that in this film.

She followed that up by confirming, “My work is finished on the film.

Ryan Reynolds is back in the role of Deadpool / Wade in Deadpool 3, which is being directed by Reynolds’ Free Guy and The Adam Project collaborator Shawn Levy from a screenplay by franchise writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Reynolds and Baccarin are joined in the cast by Hugh Jackman, who worked with Levy on Real Steel and is coming out of Wolverine retirement to play the character again six years after Logan. Brianna Hildebrand is back as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Jennifer Garner is expected to appear as Elektra Natchios, a character she played twenty years ago in Daredevil (and its spin-off Elektra). Other cast members have been revealed, but those are spoilers. Plus there’s Dogpool!

Are you looking forward to seeing Wade and Vanessa back together again in Deadpool 3? What do you think of Morena Baccarin’s quote about their relationship? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

Deadpool 3 is scheduled to receive a theatrical release on July 26, 2024.

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Source: Screen Rant

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