Deborah Ann Woll to present Relics and Rarities, a new D & D web series

In the sleepy town of Belbrook, there is a place that isn't quite what it seems. This February, DAREDEVIL and TRUE BLOOD star Deborah Ann Woll invites you to experience a magical tale of dark omens and deceptive adventurers, for a game where your wits and a roll of the dice will determine your fate. Steel yourselves, friends, for RELICS AND RARITIES, an original weekly, episodic series courtesy of Woll in collaboration with Geek & Sundry, is nigh!

Based on the classic tabletop adventure game Dungeons & Dragons, each episode of RELICS AND RARITIES will premiere first on Alpha – the Legenday-owned subscription service, the stronghold of Geek & Sundry and Nerdist premium content. For the show, Woll will serve as the group's Dungeon Master and storyteller for each episode, ushering the players through a series of harrowing and imaginative trials as the game unfolds. While the show is scripted, events in the game will be determined by the player's actions, cunning, and gruesome deaths.

Included in the core cast of players for RELICS AND RARITIES are Tommy Walker (DAREDEVIL, HENRY DANGER), Julia Dennis (THE FOLLOWING, THE STAND UP), Jasmine Bhullar (KING OF NERDS, SAGAS OF SUNDRY) and Xander Jeanneret (KING OF NERDS, SAGAS OF SUNDRY). Each episode will also feature a special celebrity guest, whose job it will be to aid Woll in executing twists and turns for her original campaigns.

"I'm so excited to finally announce my new show, Relics and Rarities," said Woll. "We've assembled a stellar creative team, along with amazingly intricate set design, props and puzzles, a hilarious and surprising cast – and an original world and campaign of my own creations."

The first episode of RELICS AND RARITIES is set for a February 4, 2019 premiere on Alpha. 

Source: Alpha

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