Disney execs reportedly at odds over streaming more adult content on Disney+

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It appears that Disney execs are at odds over whether or not the Disney+ streaming service should offer more adult content or if the streamer should stay family-focused. They are at such odds over the issue that it is causing a very heated debate behind closed doors.

According to a recent story featured in “Puck“, Walt Disney Company’s executives have been debating heatedly whether or not to add more adult content into their catalog on the streaming service. Former CEO and current executive, Bob Iger, reportedly wants the platform to remain focused on family content but current Walt Disney Company CEO, Bob Chapek, wants the service to expand in order to build interest with a larger audience after what has been perceived as disappointing growth in subscriptions in the fourth quarter.

Disney+ has been able to please fans of franchises from the MCU, the Star Wars universe, and Disney Channel’s original programming and movies but it’s believed that the company has not fully provided the content that they possess. Disney does have several adult-oriented franchises, that would likely be greeted with a TV-MA or R-rating, that are still without a home at Disney+. If the service does want to grow beyond families, they have to expand what content they’re providing or that may not be able to ultimately compete with the more adult fare that is offered on Netflix, HBO Max, or Amazon Prime.

In certain international markets, Star was added to Disney+ back in February. Star features movies and television that are geared more towards an adult audience from different properties under the Walt Disney Company, such as 20th Century Fox and ABC. The company added parental controls to the content with the intention of allowing more mature offerings to remain separate from the family content. I’m not sure why this hasn’t been added to the Disney+ platform domestically but it seems like a solid compromise in order to get more mature content on the streamer.

Since launching in November of 2019, Disney+ has 118.1 million subscribers to date but the focus is now on making that number go even higher. While they do have the onslaught of Marvel and Star Wars properties, everyone isn’t a member of the fandom so they will have to question the direction they’ll need to go in in order to be a viable contender in the current streaming warrs.

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Source: Puck

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