Eli Roth producing a reboot of Cabin Fever using the original’s exact script

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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It was a long time ago. 2003, to be exact. A young filmmaker named Eli Roth made a name for himself with a little horror movie called CABIN FEVER. A modest hit, the film would go on to foster Roth's HOSTEL franchise as well as his working relationship with Quentin Tarantino. Outside of his direction, CABIN FEVER spawned several lackluster sequels. With a decade past, now seems the perfect time to reboot the series, right?

Roth will produce a new take on CABIN FEVER with producers Cassian Elwes, Ike Suri, Jaclyn Ann Suri, and Peter Fruchtman. Voltage Pictures will handle sales at the next American Film Market. In fact, production begins this week on the film. But, here is the kicker: the new CABIN FEVER will use the exact same screenplay Roth wrote for the 2003 movie.

Cabin Fever follows in Eli Roth’s original footsteps when a group of college students, who rent a cabin in the woods to do some partying, begin to fall victim to a flesh-eating virus and all hell breaks loose.

Under the direction of INTRUDER filmmaker Travis Zariwny, Roth says the movie will act like the "re-staging of a play" which means it likely will not be a shot for shot remake like Gus Van Sant's PSYCHO but will still be eerily similar to the original. Why? I have no idea. The first movie didn't have any major stars in it while the direct to home video sequels have all been bargain bin fodder. I liked the original CABIN FEVER for what it was but I see absolutely no reason for this remake (literally) to even exist.

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