Europa Report makes contact with first full trailer

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

We finally have a full length trailer for the Sharlto Copley starring sci-fi horror flick EUROPA REPORT and it has that great old-school feel to it. I'm always completely blown away by how low-budget sci-fi films manage to make themselves look so damn big — Duncan Jones' MOON comes to mind. So far EUROPA REPORT looks like another fantastic addition to the a genre which is great news because we could always use more great sci-fi flicks. The trailer is very solid as offers just enough chills to get under your skin without revealing a whole lot so I think you guys are really going to dig it.

When unmanned probes suggest that a hidden ocean could exist underneath Europa’s icy surface and may contain single-celled life, Europa Ventures, a privately funded space exploration company, sends six of the best astronauts from around the world to confirm the data and explore the revolutionary discoveries that may lie in the Europan ocean. After a near-catastrophic technical failure that leads to loss of communication with Earth and the tragic death of a crewmember, the surviving astronauts must overcome the psychological and physical toll of deep space travel, and survive a discovery on Europa more profound than they had ever imagined.

Sebastian Cordero is at the helm and stars Copley, Michael Nyqvist, Daniel Wu, Anamaria Marinca, Christian Camargo, and Karolina Wydra. The film will be available first on-demand and digital download services on June 27 with a limited theatrical run starting in August.

Source: AITH

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