AITH Trailer Screencaps: 101 screencaps from the record-breaking IT trailer

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Hey guys, we have all watched the new trailer for STEPHEN KING'S IT a million times by now, right? Right. Turns we probably have. New stats are showing that the trailer for IT has demolished all previous records for views.

In the first 24 hours of release, the IT trailer has gathered more than 197 Million views globally with more than 81 million views and over 1.8 Million shares on the US Facebook instance alone.

At 36 hours, that figure stands at an astonishing 246 million views!

The 197 Million views bests the previous 24 Hour record holder FATE OF THE FURIOUS who recorded 139 Million views in a single day. The video quickly rose to the No. 1 position on YouTube’s trending videos and remained there throughout the day. 

We have paused and checked every frame (at least some of us crazies have), but today I want to share something special with you, something I made just for you guys here at AITH. Below are — 

101 screencaps from the IT teaser trailer.

I am posting these here not only to give you a better look at all the frames you may have missed (don't worry, I literally check EVERY frame to make sure there wasn't anything hidden in there), but this post is also about celebrating the amazing cinematography on display in this new IT adaptation. This shite looks stunning.

Also, check out the details. I love the details. 

The Jackson/Witcham street sign, Pennywise's costume, the gulf wax on Bill's desk, SS Georgie written on the paper boat (although not made from "a page torn from the Classified section of the Derry News", but what are you gotta do?), Pennywise's buck-ass teeth, the fact that Pennywise has red hair – just like Bill's mom, and Beverly – that could be described as "winter fire, January embers"

And possibly, my favorite detail, the white gloved hand of Pennywise stalking towards the kids, in what I assume must be the house on Niebolt Street, is totally that of the teenage werewolf. You can see below, the talons tear through the gloves during the transformation.

***SPECIAL NOTE*** I might not need to say this, but I'm going to anyway, indulge me here, I need to make a point. I spent f*cking HOURS screen-capping, cropping, importing, arranging, etc these pics. I did not borrow (aka steal) them from anywhere. I spent the better part of 6 hrs. on this special post. Give a brother some credit is all. ***END OF NOTE***


STEPHEN KING'S IT: PART I hits theaters nationwide September 8th.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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