Exclusive Interview: IP Man 3 Stars Donnie Yen and Mike Tyson!

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Donnie Yen is back as the legendary Ip Man in IP MAN 3. The action star extrodinaire may have battled some serious contenders throughout the years, but what happens when he faces off against a boxing legend? Well, you have a legit intense match between these two impressive players. And man, when you see Tyson attacking with his fists ready to pummel somebody, you know you are in trouble.

While these two guys may be incredibly tough on-screen, they sure are kind to chat with. During the junket for their latest, I sat down with the two to talk action and IP MAN. Tyson talked about working on the film, and Yen discussed how the story has progessed from the original. After the interview, I stood face to face with Tyson and he gave me one of the friendliest hand shakes ever. I can honestly say I was more than thrilled to sit and talk with these living legends. If you are a fan of the IP MAN series, you will defiintely want to seek the latest installment out.

IP MAN 3 kicks into theaters today.

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