Exclusive Interview: The Book of Life’s Jorge Gutierrez & Guillermo del Toro

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

THE BOOK OF LIFE is a wonderful film. Directed by Jorge R. Gutierrez, this is a vibrant and thrilling celebration of life that features a ton of great music and an inspired look into the Day of the Dead. With the great Guillermo del Toro as producer, the filmmakers together have crafted one of the most entertaining and best animated adventures of the year. A perfect Halloween treat.

Sitting down with both Jorge and Guillermo is always an amazing experience. During our short time together during the junket for the film, we discussed the fact that this is not simply a family film made to sell toys. As well, del Toro talked about how he wanted to protect the vision that Jorge had brought to him. And yes, the subject of HELLBOY 3 came up because I want to know. Thankfully, we have THE BOOK OF LIFE in theatres this coming Thursday. You’ll be happy you went!

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