Forest Whitaker to partner with Netflix for Hello, Universe film adaptation

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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As Netflix continues to secure original family-friendly content while preparing to compete against the launch of Disney+ this November, it's been announced that the subscription-based streamer is teaming with ARRIVAL and BLACK PANTHER actor Forest Whitaker to produce a live-action film based on Erin Entrada Kelly's Hello, Universe novel.

Word has it that Michael Golamco will pen the adaptation of Kelly's book that, according to THR, will portray a bully’s antics, landing a timid boy in the bottom of a well, followed by a self-proclaimed psychic friend and unknowing crush joining forces to find him. Throughout the course of the novel, Kelly's action-adventure tale tells of intersecting tales between two boys and two girls as each duo discovers their inner bayani, a hero unafraid to do what needs done when staring into the face of adversity, fear, and the unknown.

According to reports, Whitaker and Nina Yang Bongiovi of Significant Productions will produce the feature adaptation.

HELLO, UNIVERSE will arrive on Netflix alongside other live-action family flicks, such as director Nzingha Stewar's TALL GIRL and A BABYSITTER'S GUIDE TO MONSTER HUNTING, which hails from FREDDY'S DEAD: THE FINAL NIGHTMARE director Rachel Talalay. It goes without saying that with Disney launching their exclusive streaming service in November that competitors will need to up their family-friendly game in the coming months. After all, the House of Mouse has been working the family angle for generations, and they know a thing or two about what it takes to get entire households gathered around the old flatscreen. Here's hoping that HELLO, WORLD can aid Netflix in making a great impression on parents, after all, they're the ones who keep that subscription fee afloat.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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