Glen Powell explains why he turned down the upcoming Jurassic World and Bourne Identity reboots

The Anyone But You star can be seen in quite a bit of upcoming projects, but he insists that he’s still selective of his projects.

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Top Gun: Maverick‘s Glen Powell has been in the spotlight a lot lately for his projects and the projects that he’s been announced to be in. He’s got both Hit Man and Twisters this year alone. He’s also been reported to star in a remake of The Running Man from Edgar Wright, a thriller called Huntington, a legal drama titled Monsanto, and he’s recently been announced to be starring in an updated reimagining of the Warren Beatty film Heaven Can Wait. While he’s currently riding the wave of his Top Gun breakout with movies like Anyone But You, and despite having so much on his docket, Powell feels he’s earned the reputation of being picky after turning down some tentpole franchises.

In a recent profile from The Hollywood Reporter, the Twisters star is clear about the kinds of projects he would want to do and wouldn’t want to do. It is reported that Powell aims to steel clear of pandering Oscar bait and Marvel roles. He was revealed to have turned down roles in the upcoming Jurassic World reboot as well as a planned Bourne Identity update. Powell explains,

Jurassic is one of my favorite movies. It’s one of the things I’ve wanted to do my whole life. I’m not doing that movie because I read the script and I immediately was like, my presence in this movie doesn’t help it. And the script’s great. The movie’s going to fucking kill. It’s not about that. It’s about choosing where you’re going to make an audience happy and where you’re going to make yourself happy.”

Powell can be seen in a couple of new projects this year with Netflix’s Hit Man from Richard Linklater and the Lee Issac Chung movie Twisters. Hit Man was also co-written by Powell and our own Chris Bumbray shared how impressed he was with the film in his review. He stated, “It’s one of the most crowd-pleasing films I’ve seen at a film festival this year. Powell could even emerge as a dark horse Oscar contender, although the movie might ultimately be too light to win over the Academy. Whatever the case, it seems like a surefire hit – whether in theaters or on streaming. I have a feeling this may wind-up one of Netflix’s most popular movies ever.”

Source: THR

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