Godzilla x Kong stomps over The First Omen & Monkey Man at the early box office

Despite decent reviews all-around, Monkey Man and The First Omen are no match for Godzilla x Kong at the box office.

Last Updated on April 9, 2024

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As everyone expected, Godzilla x Kong is stomping all over the competition this weekend. Deadline reports that the WB/Legendary MonsterVerse sequel is on track for a better-than-expected $30 million haul. Industry estimates (and ours) saw the film making $25 million, but word-of-mouth has proven stronger than expected, with the movie again beating expectations. Could a $200 million domestic finish be in sight for this? It’s possible, and certainly, the MonsterVerse, which has always been a bigger draw overseas, has proven to be a serious moneymaker for the studio in North America.

However, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire’s good fortune means the weekend’s other two new releases, Monkey Man and The First Omen, are opening softer than expected. Dev Patel’s passion project, Monkey Man, should make in the $10 million-ish range, which is a decent number considering Universal bought the rights from Netflix for $10 million. When all is said and done, the film will likely be a decent money-maker for the studio, especially once it hits home media. 

The outlook is less rosy for The First Omen, which seems stuck with an unholy $8 million finish. Considering the Disney marketing muscle behind it and the decent reviews, that’s a pretty modest opening. Word has it this Omen prequel was originally designed as a streaming film, and certainly, that’s going to be where the film winds up seen the most. We quite liked it here on JoBlo, and you can check out where it falls in our Omen movie rankings right here

While it’s possible either Monkey Man or The First Omen could end the weekend on a better note, it seems likely neither will be able to put up much of a fight next to Godzilla and Kong’s star power.

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