1:1 Interview with Director James Wan and paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren! The Conjuring!

James Wan is a busy man as of late. Not only does the director have that little movie about cars coming out… you know FAST & FURIOUS 7, but this summer he is haunting audiences with two very different ghost stories. The first, THE CONJURING (INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 will be hitting theatres in September 13th) is reportedly based on a true story, one which was examined by one of the most formidable paranormal investigators the world over, Lorraine Warren. This particular haunting she and her late husband Ed Warren took on is the subject of Wan’s latest feature.

While it is always terrific to sit and chat with James Wan, I have to say that meeting Lorraine Warren in person was an absolute thrill. Whether you believe in her tales or not, she is an incredibly sweet woman who has a fascinating history. From Amityville to this, she has a number of interesting things to say. We even discuss the creepy doll “Annabelle.” One version of this “haunted” item is explored in the new film and Ms. Warren discussed exactly where the doll is now… Let’s just say even a skeptic might think twice before hanging out in this particular room with all of these mysterious items. THE CONJURING opens this Friday at a theatre near you.

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