Mandela Van Peebles cast in the Spierig Brothers' Saw: Legacy

Mandela Van Peebles

While 2017 continues to creep toward the October 27th release of SAW: LEGACY, the eighth installment in the SAW franchise and the return of SAW after a seven year break (turns out that 2010's SAW 3D was yet another "final chapter" that wasn't so final), Lionsgate is gradually leaking out casting news, letting us know some of the actors who were on the set when the movie was filmed last year.

Last week, it was revealed that Laura Vandervoort (pictured below) and Hannah Anderson are in the cast, and now it has been announced that Mandela Van Peebles - son of Mario Van Peebles and the grandson of Melvin Van Peebles - will also be seen in the film. His previous credits include last year's remake of the Roots mini-series and his father's film WE THE PARTY.

Of course, no details about Van Peebles' character were shared. This is SAW, after all, and this series likes to be secretive.

Directed by Peter and Michael Spierig (UNDEAD, DAYBREAKERS, PREDESTINATION) from a screenplay by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger (PIRANHA 3D, SORORITY ROW), SAW: LEGACY will be in theatres in just under nine months.

Laura Vandervoort

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