Trailer & Poster: Rob Lowe's The Bad Seed remake

Lifetime is making a strange go at remaking some semi-classic horror movies and snatching up 90's actors to direct them. First there was Melisa Joan Hart's (SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH) remake of THE WATCHER IN THE WOODS - and today we have Rob Lowe's remake of THE BAD SEED.

Strangely enough, I'm thinking of actually checking out this remake once it hits Lifetime this September. Not sure why. I guess because I love the original film and, you know, it won't COST me anything to tune into Lifetime once... other than my man-card. But I'm pretty sure I lost that back in my 20's anyhow.

Rob Lowe (SALEM'S LOT remake) directs, and executive produces the remake of the classic 1956 horror-thriller. He also stars as 

A single father who seems to have everything under control. But when there is a terrible tragedy that takes place at his daughter Emma’s (Mckenna Grace) school, he is forced to question everything he thought he knew about his beloved daughter. He slowly begins to question if Emma’s exemplary behavior is just a façade and if she played a role in the horrific incident. When more strange things begin to happen, he’s faced with keeping a terrible secret to protect Emma, but ultimately must stop her from striking again.

The remake is directed and executive produced by Rob Lowe from a script written by Barbara Marshall (WISH UPON) based on William March’s 1954 novel. It costars Mckenna Grace and original star Patty McCormack who makes an appearance as a psychiatrist. 

Rob Lowe's THE BAD SEED remake premieres on Lifetime September 9th. Check out the trailer and the poster below.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching this remake?
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