Puppet Master, Subspecies! We talk Full Moon horror movies with Charles Band

After Empire International Pictures went under in mid-1988, Charles Band would embark on a new venture that would not only embrace but lead the way for the '90s straight-to-video market boom with Full Moon Entertainment. Intending to create low-budget genre films that would retain a somewhat "big-budget" look, Full Moon owned the straight-to-VHS market in the early '90s with its consistent output.

From the classics like PUPPET MASTER, SUBSPECIES, and TRANCERS to the recent output of EVIL BONG, CORONA ZOMBIES, and BLADE: IRON CROSS, Band has been active in the home video market for over thirty years and with no intention of slowing down.

We were lucky enough to chat with Mr. Band over Zoom and discuss his unique career in the film business running Full Moon. So pour yourself a drink and enjoy a little bit of history from an industry legend.

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