It’s the crossover you didn’t know you needed: Deadpool & Wolverine team up with DiGiorno for new pizzas

Deadpool & Wolverine have teamed up with DiGiorno for four mouth-watering limited edition pizzas to promote the upcoming movie.

Last Updated on June 21, 2024

Deadpool & Wolverine, DiGiorno pizza

It wouldn’t be the summer blockbuster season without some well-placed brand crossovers. The much-anticipated release of Deadpool & Wolverine is a little over the month away, so the mutant besties have teamed up with DiGiorno to release four limited-edition pizzas.

Here are the four different Deadpool & Wolverine DiGiorno pizzas just waiting to be stuffed down your pizza-loving pie hole:

Deadpool & Wolverine, DiGiorno Pizza
  • Gimme Chimi: A chimichanga-inspired pizza that is a fiesta for your tastebuds and topped with spicy cumin sauce, beef topping, jalapeno, and cheddar & mozzarella cheeses.
  • Spicy Wolvie Pie: Crafted with Wolverine and other meat lovers in mind, this pie is stacked with pepperoni, chorizo and bacon.
  • Maximum Pep: Made with maximum flavor and zero regrets – just like Deadpool’s decisions – Maximum Pep is piled high with sliced and diced pepperoni.
  • The Wade Special: A sweet and salty combo not just for mercs, made with pineapple and black olives to pay homage to Wade Wilson’s pizza in the first movie.

Each pizza, with the exception of the Spicy Wolvie Pie, comes with a cut-out Deadpool mask, which you can wear while your pizza bakes… or anything else your sick mind can think of. The pizzas are rolling out nationwide this month.

DiGiorno is always looking for ways to tap into mainstream culture by pushing culinary boundaries through unique innovations and flavors, from our recent Thanksgiving Pizza to our all-onion ‘cry-pie,’ and we are now introducing our latest, most chaotic pies yet,” said Kimberly Holowiak, Senior Brand Manager for DiGiorno. “This summer, we’re taking it up a notch by teaming up with Marvel Studios’ DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE to create limited-edition pizzas that fans won’t want to miss—so we encourage fans to get them while they can.

DiGiorno is also running a special sweepstakes from June 17 to August 26. The sweepstakes will offer various prizes, including tickets to the movie, Deadpool merch, and a trip to Los Angeles. You can check out more information here. “No matter if you are a die-hard pizza stan or movie fan, consumers are constantly on the hunt for unique and bold ways to engage with brands they love, so we wanted to show up big with a movie collab that fits just like a glove (or mask),” Holowiak added.

Deadpool & Wolverine will hit theaters on July 26th,

Source: DiGiorno

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