Interview: Mark Hamill and Bert Kreischer talk about The Machine

We talk to the stand-up comedian and the Star Wars icon about their hilarious new action movie.

There are a lot of comedians out there who have explored various methods for getting their brand of humor to the world. Whether on stage, on television, via podcasts, or communicating through social media, few comedians have as solid of a fanbase as Bert Kreischer. Kreischer reached the height of his popularity several years ago when his story about his exploits in the former Soviet Union became a viral sensation. Thus, the tale of The Machine was born.

Now, Kreischer has found his too crazy not to be a true tale about participating in a train robbery alongside Russian mobsters turned into a feature film. But, instead of a traditional movie adaptation, The Machine serves as a sequel of sorts to the original stand-up routine with an even crazier story that involves Bert’s father, here played by the one and only Mark Hamill. As Bert and his father are drawn back to Russia by the daughter of a kingpin Bert robbed back in college, the pair rekindle their relationship and become closer than ever. Plus, there are some insane gunfights and action that would make Keanu Reeves blush (read our review).

I chatted with the two stars of The Machine about their new movie. Mark Hamill talked about joining the project, unlike anything he has ever made. He went through what makes the story unique and how much fun he had working with Bert. Kreischer talked about becoming a John Wick-level action star and the crazy scene involving a real bear that did not make the final cut. Check out the full interview in the embed above.


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