Interviews: Pilou Asbaek and Sylvester Stallone discuss their superhero movie Samaritan

Sylvester Stallone has not ventured into the superhero genre very much. Sure, he has appeared in comic book adaptations like Judge Dredd and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but Stallone has yet to please an actual superhero. You may disagree and say that he is the Hollywood embodiment of a superhero, but for the first time ever, he will portray one in Prime Video’s Samaritan by director Julius Avery.

Set in the fictional Granite City, Samaritan follows a young boy named Sam (Javon Walton) who idolizes the superhero Samaritan who disappeared years earlier during a fight with his rival, Nemesis. After falling in with a criminal named Cyrus (Pilou Asbaek), Sam discovers that garbage man Joe Smith (Stallone) may be Samaritan. Joe must then decide between using his powers to stop Cyrus and save Granite City or keeping his secret to himself.

I was invited to attend the press events for Samaritan which included a Q&A session with Stallone himself. He talked about his inspiration to be in a comic book movie as well as working alongside young Javon Walton. He also reminisced about his early action films. We also got an exclusive one-on-one interview with Pilou Asbaek and discussed his approach to playing villains including his much different role in the upcoming movie adaptation, Salem’s Lot. Check out the full video in the embed above.

Samaritan premieres on August 26th on Prime Video.

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