Interviews: Dania Ramirez, James Brolin and more discuss Sweet Tooth Season 2

The cast and creator of the DC Comics series talk about the epic second season of the Netflix series.

Post-apocalyptic series often are centered around zombies or cannibals or even decimated factions of humanity fighting against each other for survival. Rarely are these stories about hope, and even more rarely are they appropriate for all audiences. But the Netflix series Sweet Tooth is the exception to the rule. Following a cast of young kids trying to survive an uncertain future, the Robert Downey Jr produced series is unlike any other television show.

Sweet Tooth became a massive summer hit for Netflix a couple of years ago, unmatched by any series besides Stranger Things. Based on the DC Comics series from Jeff Lemire, Sweet Tooth follows young Gus, a deer-human hybrid child born after a cataclysmic disease known as The Sick killed most of mankind during the Great Crumble period. In season one, Gus (Christian Convery) and Big Man (Nonso Anozie) traversed America to find Gus’ mother. Instead, they encountered The Last Men, led by the evil General Abbott (Neil Sandilands). In season two, Gus meets Wendy (Naledi Murray) and a group of fellow hybrids, and they try to escape and fight back against The Last Men. It is an exciting and thrilling addition to the Sweet Tooth saga.

I got the chance to chat with the cast and creator of Sweet Tooth about season two. Child stars Christian Convery and Naledi Murray talked about the prosthetics they wore and which of the hybrids were their favorites. Big Man Nonso Anozie talked about the differences between Tommy Jeppard in the comic book pages versus the screen take. Dania Ramirez talked about tackling a character who does not exist in the comics. Adeel Akhtar talked about his character development this season, and narrator James Brolin discussed his direction in narrating this fantasy series. Series creator and director Jim Mickle discussed the changes from the source material and the long-term plan for the series. Check out all of the interviews in the embed above.

The second season of Sweet Tooth is now streaming on Netflix.


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