Jared Leto: WeCrashed Interview

The rise and fall of WeWork, including its founder and CEO Adam Neumann, is a story that’s evocative of our time. How many startups have rocketed to the top of the business world only to crash and burn under the ego of its megalomaniacal founder? Nowadays, the companies tend to go on long after the CEOs vanish, and indeed WeWork did not end with Neumann’s downfall. It all adds up to a fascinating tale of big business and hubris, evocatively brought to life by Apple TV+ in the eight-part limited series, WeCrashed, starring Jared Leto as Neumann, as well as the great Anne Hathaway as his wife, Rebekah.

Leto recently sat down with us for a quick interview about why he felt compelled to take on the role of Adam Neumann, including the way he transformed physically into the part. He also gave a shout-out to one of our favorite movies he was in, Lord of War, right off the top of the interview. While our time with Leto was short, he seemed passionate about the role, and indeed WeCrashed is a very entertaining series that we’ll review later this week!

WeCrashed premieres on Apple TV+ Friday, March 18th. Look out for our review soon, as well as our interview with Anne Hathaway!


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