JoBlo goes Spanish and launches its YouTube channel “JoBlo En Español”

Last Updated on July 5, 2024

The JoBlo Movie Network is continuing to grow, and today we’re proud to announce that we have officially launched the JoBlo En Español YouTube channel. Check it out at THIS LINK!

As the title implies, this channel is where you’ll be able to find content that was presented in English on our JoBlo Originals and JoBlo Horror Originals channels, now translated into Spanish and presented with newly recorded Spanish-language narration! This is very exciting for us, as the translations will allow our content to connect with an even wider audience.

Now that the JoBlo En Español channel is up and running, you can expect to see five videos released there every week – Spanish-language versions of our video series WTF Happened to This Movie, Revisited, The Best Movie You Never Saw, and more! The channel is headed up by Juan Jimenez, who has editing credits on several of our original videos, and he has assembled a strong team of translators and narrators to bring the channel to life.

In fact, there’s no one better to talk about what you can expect to see from the JoBlo En Español channel than Juan Jimenez himself, so I’ll now hand this article over to him so he can address our Spanish-speaking audience:

“Todo lo que toca la luz, es nuestro reino” … Y ahora la luz del cine toca nuestra puerta con un nombre familiar… ¡El asombroso contenido de JoBlo ahora es parte del lenguaje latinoamericano!

Qué emocionante es emprender este viaje redescubriendo las más increíbles historias detrás de las historias, las épicas gemas del cine pasadas por alto, los desastres taquilleros con guiones excepcionales, directores problemáticos con presupuestos irracionales y actores irracionales con exigencias problemáticas… Nuestra pasión por las películas no conoce fronteras, ¡Ésta será una aventura digna de escuchar en nuestro propio idioma y es apenas el comienzo!

“Everything the light touches… is our kingdom”… And the light of cinema knocks on our door with a familiar name… JoBlo’s amazing content is now part of the Latin American language!

How exciting it is to embark on this journey rediscovering the most incredible stories behind the stories, the overlooked epic gems of cinema, the blockbuster disasters with exceptional scripts, troubled directors with unreasonable budgets, and unreasonable actors with troublesome demands… Our passion for movies does not know borders, this will be an adventure worth listening in our own words, and it is just the beginning!

Check out the new videos and let us know what you think in the comments!

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