John Rambo is back for blood in first Rambo: Last Blood trailer

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Sylvester Stallone is back as John Rambo for one more go of blood-spurting vengeance, and after the star teased plenty of looks at RAMBO: LAST BLOOD on social media you can now see the first official trailer for the vicious-looking flick. This time around the action movie icon takes on drug cartels in Mexico as he tries to save a friend’s daughter who has been kidnapped, but even in his old age, he knows how to use big ol’ knives and big ol’ bows.

Anyone who has a passion for these movies, and the era that spawned them, are most likely keeling over with excitement. The trailer shows off plenty of that insane action but with a slightly dramatic lean. Stallone’s Rambo has always been one for quotables and speeches about life, and here he sounds more reflective about his life and what it’s been leading up to. He takes a beating here and there, and a lot of action seems to take place on the ranch we’ve seen in social media photos (think SKYFALL ending?), and like always he seems to be operating at about an 11 on the intensity scale. 


The last few entries in the RAMBO series have made the title character more of an unstoppable killing machine than the tortured soldier suffering from PTSD as in the first movie. Here, while he still seems to be the ultimate killing force, there seems to be more of a link back to that first movie where he's a man dealing with the trauma of his life. The fourth movie leaned into that a bit as well, but also found him demolishing waves of men and featured all other manners of grisly violence. Perhaps this one is a tad more subdued with more focus on character, which should this be his last outing as the title suggests, is the way it should be done…but also with a spark of bloody violence. 

Stallone co-wrote the script with Matt Cirulnick, with Adrian Grunberg (GET THE GRINGO) directing. RAMBO: LAST BLOOD also stars Adriana BarrazaPaz Vega, Yvette Monreal, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Oscar Jaenadam, and Joaquín Cosío and is in theaters September 20.

Source: Millennium Media

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