Josh Brolin will continue to trash Jonah Hex as long as he can “because it was a sh*tty f*cking movie!”

Josh Brolin has played Thanos and Cable to great success, but one comic book movie he still resents playing a part in is Jonah Hex.

Last Updated on March 5, 2024

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Denis Villeneuve’s Dune Part Two is finally upon us after the writer and actor strikes delayed the release for a few months. The hype surrounding the film is massive and the review from our own Chris Bumbray says of the film, “In this day of assembly line blockbusters, it’s a miracle that director Denis Villeneuve has managed to get not one but two incredible, uncompromised epics like this through the studio system. It works as a tentpole blockbuster, but Dune Part Two is also filmmaking at the highest level.” Josh Brolin makes his return in the second part as well, and although the Academy Award-nominated actor has sealed himself in comic book movie history as one of the greatest villains with his role as Thanos, he still makes sure to talk trash where trash is due. Variety reports that the outspoken Brolin continues to bad mouth a career misstep he encountered in the past with the DC movie, 2010’s Jonah Hex. In a new GQ interview, Brolin would not hold back, saying, “I won’t ever stop sh*tting on Jonah Hex because it was a sh*tty f*cking movie!” He had admitted that the failure was squarely on his shoulders since he had rushed to hire a director for the film, and the one who took up the task, Jimmy Hayward, was far too inexperienced to take on a big-budget film and execute the vision that Brolin had for the DC property.

He was given two weeks by Warner Bros. to find a director and Brolin explained, “Then you meet somebody who has a lot of knowledge, Jimmy Hayward, and I remember it didn’t feel right. I loved that he was excited, but he just didn’t have the experience and he didn’t treat it like I would imagine somebody would want to treat it — to run back to their house at the end of their every day and watch tonal inspirations and Scorsese movies or this or that. He would be out partying instead.”

It was revealed that Brolin and Hayward recently reconnected and Hayward had “apologized for his part in the mess.” Hayward made amends as he revealed he’d been diagnosed with bone cancer and had undergone several surgeries. Brolin fully takes the blame for the film’s failure since he made the initial decision to hire a director who wasn’t the right fit, “It reminded me [that] you can’t just keep shitting on somebody. I don’t know what the f*ck’s going on in his life. I mean, total facial reconstruction, the whole thing.”

Source: Variety , GQ

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