Lionsgate 2023 Film Schedule

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Lionsgate 2023 film schedule

L​ionsgate is hoping their upcoming 2023 slate will be a win for them at the box office. They have a lot of their franchises playing this year, so it should be a good year for them. Some we have been expecting since the last entry. Others are an unexpected return and hopefully will breathe new life into their long-running series. Whatever Lionsgate has on its 2023 film schedule, there will undoubtedly be some number 1 movies on their list.

Lionsgate 2023 film schedule

J​esus Revolution – February 24

B​ased on a true story, this film tells of a 1970’s movement leading to a new spiritual movement. A mother and her young son move to southern California just as a young hippie street preacher and an old school pastor open up a movement to young people looking for purpose. The mother gets involved and begins to experience a new awakening.

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J​ohn Wick: Chapter 4 – March 24

J​ohn Wick is back! He has determined a strategy that should help him finally defeat the High Table and earn his freedom. In order to do so, he has to turn to some old foes for help. Returning characters, played by Lawrence Fishburn and Ian McShane, are joined by newcomers Donnie Yen and Bill Skarsgard. How far will John Wick go this time?

Lionsgate 2023 film schedule

A​re You There God? It’s Me, Margaret – April 28

T​he classic Judy Blume novel comes to the big screen. After moving to the suburbs, 11-year-old Margaret feels out of place since her family is a mixture of different religions but has never been raised under a specific one. She sets out to find out if something might be best for her while also trying to figure out new friends, feelings, and upcoming adolescence.

Lionsgate 2023 film schedule

A​bout My Father – May 26

W​hen a man (comic Sebastian Maniscalco) tells his Italian immigrant grandfather, played by Rober DeNiro, that he is planning on proposing to his girlfriend, he invites him on a weekend trip to meet her family. The grandfather clashes with the girlfriend’s wealthy family and has to find a way to help his grandson make the proposal work.

Lionsgate 2023 film schedule

S​omewhere In Queens – June 10

R​ay Romano directs and stars as Leo in this drama about an Italian American family who finds that their young son excels at basketball. When it seems he might be able to have a life outside of the usual expectations from his overbearing family, Leo does everything he can to push his son forward to break what is expected of him.

Lionsgate 2023 film schedule

T​he Blackening – June 16

T​his horror comedy film turns horror tropes on their head when seven black friends go up to a cabin in the woods for a fun weekend. What they encounter is a killer with a vendetta who starts to pick them off one by one. They have to rely on their knowledge of horror films in order to survive to see the next day.

Lionsgate 2023 film schedule

U​ntitled Adele Lim Comedy – June 23

F​our Asian-American women bond as they travel across Asia. They learn about how to love themselves as they search for one of their birth mothers. The writer of Crazy Rich Asians steps into the director’s chair to bring this comedy to life.

Lionsgate 2023 film schedule

W​hite Bird: A Wonder Story – August 25

S​et within the same world as the film Wonder, this collection of stories comes from an anthology from the same author that expands on other characters from the book. Gillian Anderson and Helen Mirren star.

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E​xpendables 4 – September 22

T​he franchise continues after nine years off. Stallone returns to bring together a ragtag group of mercenaries who get called in when all other options have been exhausted. Returning are Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, and Randy Couture. New additions to the group include 50 Cent, Tony Jaa, Megan Fox, and Andy Garcia.

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S​aw X – October 27

T​he official tenth entry in the Saw franchise. This time Tobin Bell returns as the famed Jigsaw. The franchise ruled the month of October for years, and it looks to reclaim this month for the returning franchise. Will Tobin Bell’s return mean big bucks for the series?

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T​he Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes – November 17

B​ased on the prequel novel that follows a young Coriolanus Snow as he begins as a mentor for the Tenth Hunger Games. This shows how he started before he became President of Panem. He must mentor a young girl tribute, and he hopes to gain a following with her performance. Lionsgate hopes this will help re-ignite this popular franchise and help draw at the box office.

B​orderlands – TBA

E​li Roth brings to life the popular video game set on Pandora. Different characters are searching for a mysterious relic. The cast list is stacked with Cate Blanchett, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Gine Gershon, and Haley Bennett starring. It seems strange that a title as big as this with a cast like this doesn’t have a release date for Lionsgate’s 2023 film schedule.

Lionsgate and BuzzFeed are teaming up for Dear David, a movie based on a former BuzzFeed writer's own paranormal experiences.

D​ear David – TBA

T​he only movie on the list that is based on a Twitter thread. This horror film follows Justin Long’s character of Bryce, who is being haunted by the ghost of a young boy named David. The fun stops when he realizes David is trying to kill him.

Lionsgate 2023 film schedule

T​he Miracle Club – TBA

I​n 1960s Ireland, a group of women dream about winning a local raffle for a trip to the french city of Lourdes. The priest helps the women win and get a break from their boring domestic life. Stars Maggie Smith, Laura Linney, Kathy Bates, and Stephen Rea.

Lionsgate 2023 film schedule

T​he Unbreakable Boy – TBA

A​ young autistic boy has a rare form of brittle bone disease. Even with this, he uses his imagination to unite people around him and transforms everyone around him. Stars Zachary Levi, Meghann Fahy, Patricia Heaton, and Amy Acker.

W​hat movies from Lionsgate’s 2023 film schedule do you want to see? Let us know in the comments.

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