Mark Millar talks Kingsman sequel, Nemesis movie and more

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Kingsman: The Secret Service Nemesis Mark Millar

Matthew Vaughn's big screen version of the Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons comic book The Secret Service opens this week, and during a conversation with Red Carpet News TV, Millar and Gibbons talked about the possibility of a KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE sequel.

Mark Millar: I'm a great believer of if people like it, do more, and if people don't respond, don't force things down people's throats. But everybody who has seen it seems to really like it, and I think we're quite confident that there will be more of them. If people want more, we will do more."

Dave Gibbons: The reaction I've had from people who have seen it is they definitely want to see more. They want to know what happens next. We've only just got Eggsy to the point where he is a Kingsman, and what he's going to do after that is going to be really interesting, I think.

Millar went on to say he hasn't put a lot of thought into a sequel, and Gibbons says although the comic is a complete story with a satisfying arc, he also says "there's so many things we haven't had fun with in the spy genre yet."

Mark Millar also says films based on his Starlight and Chrononauts comics will probably be made next, and he believes a strong box office performance by KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE could help the planned Nemesis movie.

Film wise, probably Starlight will be the next one. Either Starlight or Chrononauts will be the next thing that gets filmed.  Hopefully at the end of this year. The screenplays are being written right now.

Millar on NEMESIS:

They spent a lot of money on the screenplay. Joe Carnahan wrote it, it's fantastic. I think they're just waiting to see – I actually think Kingsman could be something that jumpstarts Nemesis. The screenplay is sitting there…they're probably waiting to see how Kingsman does and then maybe something will happen from there. But the script is finished.

So if you want NEMESIS to happen, you should probably try to convince your significant other to go see KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE on Valentine's Day instead of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Who do you think should direct the film adaptations of Millar's Starlight, Chrononauts and Nemesis comics?

KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE starring Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson will be in theaters this Friday.

Source: Red Carpet News TV

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