Mother/Android Interview: Director Mattson Tomlin on his debut feature

Mother/Android is only a few days away, and we have an exclusive clip to get you ready! The film is an intense story of a pregnant mother trying to save her unborn child in a wartorn future. It just so happens that the enemy is killer robots programmed to destroy all humans. Before you think this is a Terminator meets Planet of the Apes type film, Mattson Tomlin’s film shares more in common with Alfonso Cuaron’s Children of Men. Produced by The Batman director Matt Reeves, this Hulu exclusive film is an intense movie that you will not soon forget.

I got the chance to discuss the film with writer/director Mattson Tomlin. Tomlin has been a screenwriter on such projects as Netflix’s Project Power but he decided to make his directorial debut with this genre film. Tomlin shared his personal journey as an adopted child and how he turned his birth into this emotional film. We talked about playing with genre conventions and how the young cast made this film even more special. Check out my chat with him in the embed above.

Mother/Android premieres on Hulu on December 17th.

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