21 Meatballs Street?

This is perhaps the coolest news I've heard in a long time. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, directors of the fantastically awesome CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS, are in talks to make their live-action debut on the Jonah Hill remake of 21 JUMP STREET. Hill has been working on the film for what seems like a while now and finally the project seems to be something of a priority for Sony. Hill wrote the script with Michael Bacall and possible directors have been leaked in the past month including Catherine Hardwick and Ruben Fleischer. But Lord and Miller have officially entered into negotiations making them most likely to be taking over the reigns.

I don't want to build the film up to much, but if you haven't seen MEATBALLS yet, I highly suggest you check it out. It's funnier than you'd suspect and not funny in a charming kinda way but funny in a laugh-out-loud "SNL" kinda way. The duo (who got their start writing on "How I Met Your Mother") have been taking meetings since MEATBALLS grossed over $100 million with hopes of making the leap towards live-action. The two most definitely deserve and it and suddenly it makes 21 JUMP STREET one project I'm really looking forward to.

Extra Tidbit: So what does this mean for Hill's THE ADVENTURER'S HANDBOOK?
Source: THR



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