A 25-foot and cheeky Jeff Goldblum statue is lounging on a London lawn

Mere days after London let fly their Trump Baby Balloon in protest of the Donald's visit to the Queen of England, a new 25-foot-tall statue of JURASSIC PARK star and human meme, Jeff Goldblum, has been erected in Potters Field, in front of London’s Tower Bridge. Serving as a way to commemorate the 25th anniversary of JURASSIC PARK, the dashing monument to Goldblum's Dr. Ian Malcolm - that was commissioned by the NowTV streaming service - weighs 330 pounds. Fun Fact: A recent study has found that the weight of Goldblum's sexiness is incalculable.

You can gaze upon the glory of the new statue below.

As you can see, the statue depicts the moment in the film when we find Dr. Malcom in recovery after surviving a vicious T-Rex attack. You know the scene, the one where Goldblum is positioned like he wants to Spielberg to paint him "like one of his French girls." Heh, life certainly, uh, finds a way of putting smiles on the faces of those hip enough to appreciate the joke. Thank you, London, you're alright.

As you're likely to be aware, Goldblum recently reprised his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm for JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM, which is still playing in theaters now.

Source: NowTV



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