A Prayer Before Dawn trailer teases brutal boxing drama

When it comes to dramas set in the world of fighting we often get inspiring films about families and over-coming mountainous obstacles, featuring montages of running up hills and doing push-ups against garbage cans. However, the film A PRAYER BEFORE DAWN takes the genre down a much darker path. Shot on location in the Nakhon Pathom Prion in Thailand (and we can assume real inmates fleshed out the background) this film stars Joe Cole in a breakthrough performance in this true story about Billy Moore, who was thrown in prison and had to fight not only to stay alive, but to retain whatever remained of his humanity. The first trailer is here for the movie being released by A24, which was met with positive reaction out of Cannes (where it was nominated for the Grand Prix), and there is more than enough blood and heavy themes to hint this is not your grandpa’s fight drama.

What makes the trailer all the more gripping is knowing it’s a true story, making these extremely terrifying and life-threatening circumstances all the more inspiring to see overcome. Drama aside, this movie looks enthralling for the filming style and Cole's gripping performance alone. Filming in the actual prison was a bold move, but if you're going to tell a true story you have to go all out, and doing anything less would make for a lesser experience. 

A PRAYER BEFORE DAWN could hit later this year or early 2018.

Source: A24



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