Alicia Silverstone stars in trailer for new 70's set series American Woman

Listen, I have a confession to make; I love Alicia Silverstone. I've had a crush on her since CLUELESS and it's never gone away, no matter how hard she tried to put me off with that travesty known as DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: THE LONG HAUL. She gets a pass. Now, Silverstone took a different path after her massive CLUELESS success, making a string of lesser known films and TV shows that never really gave her the center stage she had as Cher. That said, she's worked steadily, albeit under the rader to a point, and her new show, American Woman, looks to give her a unique spotlight. The show comes from Paramount's new TV network that made some noise with the David Koresh miniseries Waco and looks to tap into a new audience with American Woman, which looks and feels a lot like a '70's set Sex and the City. For some that may be a turn off, but hey, Alicia Silversone! Also joining the cast is AMERICAN BEAUTY's Mena Suvari, Jennifer Bartels and Cheyenne Jackson.

Speaking to EW, Silverstone had this to say about her character and the show, “Even though she’s a trophy wife, she’s smart and feisty, but once she’s crossed, be careful. She’s really dangerous and incredibly unpredictable. That’s what I love: She’s complex…. There’s relief watching her. Because this woman loves her kids ferociously, but she’s also really reckless and does really bad things. She’s a contradiction: she’s a wild, ferocious creature, and she’s a badass, but she’s also terrified underneath.” I can dig it. Who knows how this show will play out, but I love seeing Silverstone stretching out her wings and she looks great in this. Eh, maybe I'm still just crushing. Feel free to yell at me.

American Woman premieres on the Paramount Network on Thursday June 9th at 10/9c



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