Best Movie & TV Trailers of the Week - Lion King, Lego Movie 2, Elseworlds

Grab your turkey leftovers and saddle up next to a cup of hot joe, it's time for the best movie and TV trailers of the week!

Ready or not, it's time to re-live life in 1994! That's right, the first official trailer is here for Jon Favreau's live action LION KING is here, and it looks downright gorgeous. Starring Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, Keegan-Michael Key, Chiwetel Ejiofor, James Earl Jones, John Oliver, Beyonce, and more, this remake of the animated fan favorite looks downright stunning, even if it is admittedly a little strange that they're using Jones to voice Mufasa yet again.

As funny as it might be to have Fred Savage re-create his iconic PRINCESS BRIDE scenario, it still feels like ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL is just a cash grab for a franchise that already has a ton of money flowing in. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong, but the whole setup just feels weird and wrong to me.

I am, however, completely on board for the super bonkers REPLICAS starring my dude Keanu Reeves. Perhaps it's because I would watch that man read a cookbook, but I for one will definitely be seeing this one in theaters. The second trailer for SERENITY looks super rad, mainly because I can't quite put my finger on what this movie is going to entail, but I'm here for it. Peter Jackson's THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD trailer also caught my eye, but what is your favorite movie trailer of the week? Check out the complete lineup in the video above and decide for yourself!

Next up we have TV trailers! This week's slot includes THE FLASH season 5 promo, ELSEWORLDS Batwoman and Oliver Queen trailer, and a peek at Netflix's PERFUME.

Without a doubt, the best trailer of the week was the one that premiered during the Cowboys glorious Thanksgiving victory over the Redskins, THE LION KING. As a huge fan of the original, the Disney classic feels nearly impossible to top, but if anyone can do it, it would be Jon Favreau, the man who not only kickstarted the Marvel craze with his 2008 IRON MAN, but also delivered what is arguably the best Christmas movie of all time, ELF. Check out the first teaser trailer for his rendition of THE LION KING below, which is expected to land in theaters sometime in 2019.



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