Better hide from what's inside this egg on the new Alien: Covenant poster

The promotion for ALIEN: COVENANT has been kicking it into overdrive in the last week, with a new prologue and some sweet pics. The highly-anticipated new film from Ridley Scott will hopefully give us a new film on par with the first two in the series (though Scott is probably aiming for something similar to his own first film), this time with more gore and…gore. Still, with all that’s come out, Fox just gone did and outdone themselves with this new poster, which also teases a new trailer tomorrow

Take a look!

For all of you with a brain stem you know what that is, and better yet you know what’s inside…and it ain’t a gooey caramel center. This compliments the first poster we saw that just said "run" (below), featuring a Xenomorph with a case of rabies. It’s all coming together, you guys.

Be sure to come out of hiding for the trailer tomorrow, which we will have ready and waiting. But then go back into hiding.

ALIEN: COVENANT arrives May 19.

Source: Fox



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