Cate Blanchett is 12 shades of genius in Manifesto trailer

Films labeled as “art house cinema” have the potential to be either an intoxicating experience that successfully challenges the cinematic norms, or a sluggish, pretentious affair that results in angry moviegoers heading for the exits. MANIFESTO by Julian Rosefeldt could easily be one or the other, but with Cate Blanchett playing 12 different characters in the movie the ability to take your eyes off the screen will be virtually impossible. Hell, it’s even hard to take your eyes off the trailer, which we have for you below!

Shot over the course of 12 days back in 2014, the movie has been making the rounds at festivals, museums and other places where intellectuals congregate for some time. Now the movie can be seen by anyone willing to seek it out as it officially came out yesterday. Blanchett looks awe-inspiring in the role, with the movie using her 12 characters to recite different manifestos from famous figures in history. Come for the thoughtful musings, stay for all the Blanchett.

Try and find MANIFESTO at a theater near you now!

Source: FilmRise



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