Chen retires

I don't know if any of you guys have been aware of this whole scandal but in the wake of a bunch of intimate leaked pictures featuring Edison Chen and a slew of major female actresses, he today retired from the film business. He's been prominent in the Asian cinema scene for years now, and like most over there he has made the foray into music, hosting and clothing too. He was in the movie INFERNAL AFFAIRS that was eventually remade by Scorsese into THE DEPARTED, and he was also set to make an appearance in THE DARK KNIGHT, although it is unknown now whether his scenes will remain in the final cut. He called a press conference today, wherein he made the announcement. You can check it out BELOW.

It is pretty incredible the results of this scandal, when we know that over in the West this kind of thing would propel someone to fame. It's pretty sad for him, but even he must recognise his incredible stupidity in this whole thing. Still, it's not like he hasn't been having a ball, rolling around town and bedding hotties. If his life could manifest itself as a person it would drop-kick the shit out of mine. In fact I would want it to drop-kick the shit out of my life, that thing is totally holding me back. It needs a good push.

Extra Tidbit: Chen was born in Canada but he went over to Hong Kong to start his career.
Source: Twitch



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