Cool Videos: The Honest Trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness predicts the plot of the third film

Honest Trailers always does a great job of saying, in a funny way, what many of us think about specific movies. Sometimes, they even illustrate points about a film that we may not have thought about until seeing them spoofed. While many Honest Trailers may be hit or miss, this one for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS is pretty spot on.

This summer has been filled with letdowns ranging from IRON MAN 3 to MAN OF STEEL. Now, before you get your panties in a twist, I did enjoy both of those movies as well as STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, but none of them really lived up to what I was hoping they would be. I am always willing to forgive a plot hole here and there in service of the overall film, but STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS just had so many.

That being said, the highlight in this trailer is not so much the spoof of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS but instead the predictions for where STAR TREK 3 may go. Don't forget the Gorn is a test and grab some humpback whales for later! Classic.

Source: YouTube



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